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Oh, sweet irony

So I posted on Wednesday night. And by 10:30 p.m., the contractions started.

Thursday, 2/3/11 at 2:11 p.m., sweet little Farhan David was born. A BOY, a little brother to join his big sister in our wee family. He weighed 7lb, 5oz, and 21 inches. He’s asleep on my chest as I type. We’re still at the hospital but should leave around lunch today; thankfully we’re both doing great!

I’m excited to go home and get settled, but nervous about keeping up with two kids. My mom & sister should be in town by mid-week, which will help. But you know what? These next few days, it’s ok if the laundry goes undone. I have a couple of meals in the freezer, and we’ll just take things slow, sleep when we can, and get to know this new little guy.

Here’s the video of Sofia meeting her brother for the first time. I could laugh & cry watching this–what a beautiful, beautiful new sibling relationship. I’m sure they’ll be yelling for Mommy all too soon, when someone won’t share, but here’s proof that there was wonder and love and adoration:



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Returning at last

So, I never pulled the plug on this blog, because in the back of my mind, I still wanted a place to post the longer-than-Facebook thoughts, to share news about our wee family or post a quick & delicious recipe when I came across one.

And now, with Baby #2 due a mere 9 days away, I’m nesting and that includes this blog. It should be pretty! Where are the photos!? What categories should I list?!

As I write, I’m propping up my sprained ankle, wondering if that was just the baby moving or another crampy contraction, and I’m trying not to laugh. Because the LAST thing I should be doing is kickstarting the blog again. But here goes.

The photos will have to wait. But for tonight, here’s a recipe that we’ve had twice in the last week and might even have again: Mark Bittman’s fried rice from this month’s Cooking Light magazine. I’m simply going to link to the recipe, but here are a few of my notes:

As you can see from some of the comments at the site, the chopping does add to the prep time (24 minutes? I’ll bet he didn’t have a two-year-old begging “Up, mama!” while mincing the garlic!). But if you prep the ingredients the night before, it does come together very quickly on a busy night.

We don’t eat pork, so I substituted chicken breasts. I used olive oil instead of peanut oil, and while we don’t usually have mirin on hand, but I had leftover sake from a previous Asian marinade recipe, and that worked just as well in a pinch. I also added at least a half cup of frozen peas about a minute before the end, stirring until they thawed (you could rinse & thaw them first, I didn’t on account of the aforementioned “Up, mama!”). I topped the finished servings with the green onion as well as a shake of sesame seed, because it sounded good.

Sofia is going through a picky-ish phase–she loves veggies, but meats are hit or miss and she often won’t have anything to do with them, but she gobbled this right up and asked for more!

So, while it may be February and not January, and while my life is about to turn upside down again with the addition of new, sweet little newborn toes, I’m back with a sort of new year’s resolution. I’d like to post once a week here, at the very least, and hopefully more.

Yes, yes, you can stop laughing now! 😉

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