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There are spiderwebs in the corners of my blog. But in real life, I’ve shot a few engagement & senior photo shoots, painted the dining room, wrapped up the season at work and began work on next year’s marketing materials, and a slew of other life happenings in between.

The dining room is now “confidence” or “blue sage,” depending on which color chip you believe, though looking at it now it’s really not-so-muted aqua. It’s bright, and pretty. The new color plus a rambling, sunny bouquet from the farmer’s market and a poster size print of an old Martini & Rossi poster against the (decorative) fireplace made the room seem so different and cheerful! I can’t believe I didn’t do this before (though, working full time, a wee darling baby girl, etc., etc., certainly kept me busy!).

We signed a lease on a photography studio, and having a physical.space.for.it has already done so much. Sent off some entries to juried photo shows, and waiting to hear back.

And my dear sweet family? Sofia is now six months, which is hard to believe, and into nearly everything! Doing the “army crawl” and closer to a full crawl every day. Hubby is sleeping on the couch as the credits roll; painting took a lot out of us!

The tiny little garden is still in bloom, which is pretty amazing for my brown thumb. A few of the annuals need replacing, but I still get a little dash of bright purples & pinks on my way out the door.

Life is full of color these days. Considering the greys that clouded both my landscape and my moods, this feels nice.

I wanted to write somethingtoday, but it’s nearly time to wrap up the day and get some sleep for The Start of the Week.

In closing, this made me smile. It’s the first time I’ve seen this column, but I’ll subscribe from now on:

Just Drawn That Way, by Michael Arthur.


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