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I promise this blog does not exist solely for giveaways, etc. I have dreams of posting images from my latest photo shoot, sneak peeks of the fanciful paintings slowly coming alive on the canvases in my apartment, or belly shots as this little girl grows bigger & bigger. 33 weeks already!


But, I do work full time, and by the time my pregnant self gets home at night, it’s all I can do to avoid sitting in front of the tv the rest of the night. I swore I didn’t want a tv in the apartment again, but here we are. 


That said, this entry is another plug for giveaways on Grosgrain Fabulous. The first is perhaps my favorite so far, only because I’m a photographer and the camera straps BUG ME TO NO END and yet I haven’t done a thing toward making them more comfortable:

Custom Camera Strap Giveaway

It’s a guest giveaway, and look how cute! I could probably make my own if I pulled out my sewing machine, cleared off the dining room table, and took the time to do it – but again, pregnancy has made me a sloth more than I’d like. And in our current apartment, the sewing machine does not have a Permanent Home encouraging spontaneous use. C’est la vie. 


The next giveaway is too cute: another Grosgrain original: 

Downtown Jacket & Pant Giveaway

Her creations, and photo shoot concepts, are always so cute. And her daughter reminds me of what my own may look like someday – my husband and I both have dark hair & eyes, and I dream about likely having my own brown-eyed-girl. 

That’s all for today. Perhaps this weekend will see some sunshine and canvas-painting and goodness–and perhaps I’ll blog about it afterward!


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January Giveaways

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